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MoldExterm System

“Cleaning, killing and preventing the mold with patented polymer/silver ion technology!”
Safe – Non-Flammable – Effective – Efficient – Economical

The MoldExterm System is a three part system:

Step 1: SMTS(Surface Management and Treatment System)

STEP 'A' an EPA-registered, mulitipurpose anti-microbial product based in quaternary ammonium salts. Part A will kill mold, bacteria and viruses in the prescribed area.

Step 2: SMTS(Surface Management and Treatment System)

STEP 'B' a unique, proprietary, patented sealer. It is a combination of silver ions(which have the highest anti-microbial effect of all metals and the lowest effect on humans and animals) and patented long-lasting polymers.


Moisture in the home has many sources: plants, pets, people, cooking, washing, ground water, and infiltration of outside air. High relative humidity can create musty odors and can also stimulate the growth of mold, mildew, bacteria, and other biological allergens. To avoid the problems caused by moisture, a properly sized dehumidifier is necessary to maintain relative humidity between 40-50% throughout the home. This creates a less hospitable environment for dust mites, centipedes, silver-fish, spiders, and other pests.

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